Citi Health are proud to be a partner with barbican physio. Since their establishment in 1980, barbican physio has more than doubled in size, and is an essential element to both the local and business community. As part of their ongoing growth, barbican physio has recently launched a new women’s health physiotherapy service and a new fully equipped Pilates studio


At Barbican Physio we believe that patients are individuals. That we all have unique requirements which are best met by experienced therapists with an interest in returning them to unlimited, pain free function. This applies equally to those who just want to get through their working day and those who want to return to a specific sport.

With expert manual and exercise therapy we aim to help patients recover from their injuries, but also to educate them in how their bodies work. This helps to prevent a recurrence of their injury, but also encourages a healthy lifestyle with achievable bespoke goals to enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing.

We are a friendly practice in the old fashioned sense and believe that continuity of care and service is vital and desirable. We aspire to look after our patients from the first phone call, to successful discharge in a seamless and joined up service. Put simply, we care about our patients and want them to feel that they are well looked after, not just another injury on a conveyor belt being pushed through a system that takes no account of their individual needs.

To discuss how Barbican Physio can be incorporated into your wellbeing program please contact