15 Minute Health Checks


Provide your staff with the peace of mind achieved through a 15 minute health check. Sensitively carried out by a member of our nursing staff, this is a practical way of investing in your staff, improving morale and wellbeing.

Four key health indicators are assessed; body mass index, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol scoring. With these, conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension can be identified.


The process

Your nurse will carry out a finger prick blood test to check your blood cholesterol and glucose (sugar) level.   Please fast 4 hours prior to this test.

Following this, we will measure your height & weight to obtain your overall body mass index (BMI) & assess your risk level.

Finally, your blood pressure will be monitored.

On completion, your nurse will advise on the outcomes of the results and may suggest a follow up with a doctor depending in your results, or other suitable actions such as lifestyle changes.


Key factors which can be identified and remedied include;                                        

Encouraging smokers to stop, or apply cessation methods

Eat a healthy diet.

Ensuring that your weight and waist ratio are in check.

Take regular physical activity, by joining a gym, walking more, taking a break from your desk at lunchtime.

Reduce your alcohol consumption.

We can carry out 4 assessments in a 1-hour period, so 24 over the course of a full day clinic, or 12 during a half day.

Contact gayle@citihealth.co.uk or call 0203 633 6301 for a tailor-made package