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We understand that the most valuable asset your company can have is its employees, therefore ensuring you have a healthy workforce is essential. 

Friendly and efficient

Citi Health can support you on this journey.  We offer a personable bespoke service to meet your Occupational Health needs. 

Rapid response to urgent cases

The initial service level agreement process is smooth and efficient allowing you to start using our service within a short time period which is prudent if you have an urgent case. 

Our team will respond to your queries within a few hours, we understand the urgency and complexity that is sometimes involved.At Citi Health we listen to and understand the needs of our clients and provide effective and practical solutions to help manage their most valuable asset…the workforce.

Flexibility – on or off site appointments

Employees can be seen within a few days and we offer you the choice of on site or off-site appointments.


Our clinicians have over 20 years of experience and have worked within the City for many years.  They are familiar with the complexities of cases within companies both small and large. 

You can be assured that you will receive professional Occupational Health advice quickly and efficiently through our confidential and secure communications system. No locums or agency staff are used therefore you will be working with an attentive, and receptive team that are available to support and advise you.

It is our aim to establish a lasting relationship with you built on mutual respect and trust, by helping each other look after the health and wellbeing of your employees.

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 Here are a some of the most commonly used services

·      Workstation assessment
·      New and expectant mothers risk assessment
·      Night workers assessment
·      Occupational Health assessments
·      Pre-placement assessment
·      Health promotion events
·      Lunch time talks 

Below is more detailed information on the most common Occupational Health services.


A workstation assessment is designed to assess the workstation of the DSE user to ensure it is set up correctly in a way that will not cause any ill health in the long term or exacerbate pre-existing conditions.  Its aim is to identify and analyse any risk factors which may be causing current or future health problems and give practical solutions to reduce these risks.  DSE assessment can have numerous health benefits.  The improvement of the layout of an employee’s workstation not only enhances comfort and productively, it can also boost morale.  Thereby improving work performance and reduce cost of potential work-related absence.  It also ensures you as the employer fulfil your legal DSE requirements.

A qualified Occupational Health advisor can visit your office to undertake a personalised DSE assessment and provide you with a written report with suggested recommendations.




A ‘new or expectant mother’ is a woman who is pregnant, has given birth within the preceding six months or is breastfeeding.  Pregnancy is not an illness and the majority of women remain well throughout their pregnancy.  However, some hazards in the workplace may affect the health and safety of new and expectant mothers and of their child(ren). Therefore, working conditions normally considered acceptable may no longer be so during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require suitable and sufficient risk assessments to protect the health and safety of employees, including new and expectant mothers and to do what is practicable to control those risks. This applies to all employers of any size. 


The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 also require employers to provide adequate welfare facilities for new or expectant mothers.


Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their female employees from hazards and risks in the workplace and to assess risks to new and expectant mothers.   It is therefore prudent for employers to identify hazards and risks for all female employees of childbearing age. They should also consider that some hazards can present more of a risk at different stages of the pregnancy. 

Should you need any assistance with this, Citi Health can provide a report to ensure your employee’s work environment is a safe place to be.


Night Workers Assessment

A night worker is an employee who is scheduled to work at least 3 hours of their daily working time during night time on the majority of days on which they are scheduled to work. Night time is defined as the period between 11pm and 6am.

The Working Time Regulations 1999 provide workers with certain entitlements. These include special protection for night workers who must be offered free and confidential health assessments prior to commencing work, on a regular basis, or as appropriate to the individual. Although it is not mandatory that employees take up this offer, it gives an opportunity for the employee to report any health concerns or medical conditions that may be not be compatible with night work or exacerbated by working night time hours.


New employees or those transferring from days should as a minimum complete a Night Workers Medical Questionnaire preferably before they start. 

A night workers screening questionnaire forms part of the night workers risk assessment. This may also involve a telephone consultation should there be any concerns with regards to the information provided on the night worker questionnaire, to ensure that a full overview of health is obtained.  Employees are only referred for a medical in the event of any medical trigger points being acknowledged.

If an employee does suffer from one or more health conditions, it does not necessarily mean that they are unsuitable for night working.  During the assessment, issues may be identified along with all risk factors.  The employer will be provided with advice to ensure any issues highlighted can be managed effectively and that the employee's health is not put at risk and other people’s safety remains unaffected. 


Citi Health provides this service, should you wish to receive any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Occupational health is an opportunity for employers to provide support to their workforce’s mental and physical wellbeing.   

One of the primaries focuses of an Occupational Health Assessment is to provide employers with an independent opinion on the employee’s health status and their ability to perform their role and to give pragmatic recommendations. With appropriate knowledge and guidance, this enables the employer to then make an informed decision regarding their employee in how they can effectively be supported.   It also offers practical advice and support to the employee for any of their health concerns.  

At Citi Health our experienced clinicians ensure that a holistic assessment is undertaken and that each report is tailored to the specific case. 

Should you need help with ad hoc cases, regular cases or are unsure which Occupational Health arrangement would suit your business, please contact us and we would be more than happy to help. 

Pre-placement assessmentS  

Our pre-placement screening process ensures all new employees are medically fit to fulfil the role they are employed to do and that working in the role will not be detrimental to their heath.  It also ensures you as the employer meet your legal disability obligations under the Equality Act 2010 regarding reasonable adjustments.

Equality Act 2010:


Citi Health undertakes pre-placement assessment through a combination of screening a pre placement health questionnaire, telephone consultation or face to face assessment (if required).

We then provide you with advice on their fitness to work and whether the health status of the employee meets the demand of the role, or whether any reasonable adjustments needs to be considered to ensure the employee can work safely.  It also ensures you meet your legislative disability obligations currently or in the future.

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