Health Promotion Days

Many organisations now appreciate the value of promoting good health and wellbeing initiatives in the workplace. These measures are highly effective at raising awareness and understanding of current health issues which affect modern busy lives, such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, diet, smoking/alcohol, menopause, stress and mental wellbeing.

Our experienced clinicians can provide information and advice as well as make recommendations to employees on a topic of your choosing or a whole range.

Calendar of events

We can provide an annual calendar of events to focus on key topics being discussed and promoted in the media. Choose a single event, one every quarter, or even every month and help your staff engage in a healthier lifestyle.

Tailored to your requirements

We can tailor the event to your requirements from a full day of providing ‘15 minute health checks’ to your employees to specific talks on a topic.  We will provide all the support and promotional information. Lunch time talks are a popular and flexible choice.

These types of preventative campaigns can have a positive impact on your workforce as well as reducing incidents of ill health and absenteeism.

Topics we cover are numerous, some popular talks include; mental health, travel health, diet and exercise, obesity, alcohol intake, pre and post-natal advice, achieving a work / life balance, mindfulness, and more.

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