Primary Care provides the first point of contact in the healthcare system.  At Citi Health we can provide both a GP and/or a prescribing nurse service on site, tailored to suits your needs and budget.   On site clinics are a fantastic way for you to cut healthcare costs and enhance employee health outcomes. By providing healthcare services on site, businesses help ensure a healthier workforce while enjoying the cost benefits of employees missing fewer days at the office.

Benefit from expert advice and care 

At Citi health, looking after the health and wellbeing of your staff is what we do best.  All our clinicians have over 20 years Primary Care experience of working in the city and are well connected to experts in various fields, therefore should onwards referral be required, this can be quickly arranged.

Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity

Patients who use on site health care centres reportedly save 2 - 4 hours per visit compared to those who have travelled off site. On site clinics result in earlier treatment of illness or injuries, fewer accident and emergency visits, improved productivity due to a healthier work force and therefore less absenteeism!  If employees enjoy their working environment, they work better, which is obviously beneficial to both staff and organisations.


Citi Health can offer you the following range of services:

 Advice and management for ill health and minor injuries, occurring at home and at work. 

Prescription arrangements depending on the type of health complaint, including repeated prescriptions. 

Wound care, dressings, suture removal and ear irrigation. 

Travel advice and vaccinations. 

Contraceptive and sexual health advice. 

Laboratory tests (blood, urine, sputum, wounds swabs etc.)  Please be aware that there may be a charge for lab tests. 

Wellness check-ups (blood pressure, pulse, height, weight etc.) 


To find out how your business can benefit from Primary Care led GP or nurse services contact us today or 020 3633 6301